Tag and Redaction Search Syntax

In addition to using the Quick Search to find specific text or field content, you can use the following syntax to enter search expressions for tags or redactions:  

  • Document tags: [DOC_TAG]
    Search for documents that have been marked with a specific document tag.

  • Page tags: [PAGE_TAG]
    Search for document pages that have been marked with a specific page tag.

  • Redaction category: [REDACTION]
    Search for documents that contain redactions of a specific category.

Get started by opening the necessary case in Review:

Open the Review Module

  1. On the Dashboard, click the Review module.

  2. Select a Client and Case and click Open.

  3. Use the Search Bar at the top of the application.


Valid operators for [DOC_TAG], [PAGE_TAG], and [REDACTION] are:

  • Equal: EQ or =

  • Not Equal: NE or <>

If an operator is not included in the search statement or expression, EQ is assumed. See Relational Operators for more information on these operators.


The following are some simple examples for these types of key word searches. See Build Multi-part Search Expressions, for more complex examples.




[doc_tag] = urgent and [redaction] = privileged

This search creates a set of documents that have been tagged with the Urgent tag and also include redactions of the Privileged category.


[page_tag] illegible

This search creates a set of documents that contain pages that have been tagged with the Illegible tag.


[redaction] NE “doctor privilege”

This search will create a set of documents that have no instances of the Doctor Privilege redaction category.

Note that the quotation marks are not required, but they are helpful if the category label has spaces in it. (The same is true for tags with spaces in the names.)


  • To optimize key-word searches, use quotation marks for [DOC_TAG], [PAGE_TAG], and [REDACTION] searches when the tag name or category contains spaces. For example:

  • [DOC_TAG] “Intermediate Review Status”

  • Additional search operators exist in Advanced Search. For more information about search operators for tags and redactions, see Advanced Search Options.


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