LOCAL DISCOVERY Release Notes 2022.7.0

IPRO is pleased to announce the 2022.7.0 release of LOCAL DISCOVERY. For instructions about how to upgrade to the latest version, see Workflow: Upgrade LOCAL DISCOVERY.

Important Notes

  • This release will upgrade previous versions of LOCAL DISCOVERY.

  • This release will not upgrade existing Eclipse SE applications.

New Features

Presentation/Evidence Features

  • Document Import Performance: Performance improvements were made for loading, navigating, batch filing, resequencing, and adding/editing document page properties.

  • Clip Performance: Improved performance by adding segments to clips, resulting in 3x faster functionality for properties and segments and 50% performance increase for clip creation and removal.

  • Workbooks Performance: Improved overall performance of workbooks, resulting in up to 9x faster creation of workbooks.

  • Update/Replace Source Documents: Users can right-click to replace or update a source document.

  • Clip Time Display: New setting added to display multimedia parent runtime/timer when playing clips. Note: If multiple source media files make up a single DVT, it will use cumulative time.

  • Video Editing – Cut and Paste Segments: Added the ability to select multiple segments to be cut and pasted for moving to existing clips.

  • Clip Report: Updated report to add synchronized exhibits, provide page numbers for segments that span multiple pages, group clips by parent transcript, and add the ability to provide single space output to the final report. Users will be prompted when selecting barcodes if the item ID has a long name.

  • Designation Report: Updated report to include page numbers for segments that span multiple pages, ability to provide single space output, and add time to be displayed on final report.

  • Issue Report: Updated report to include page numbers for segments that span multiple pages, ability to provide single space output, and export as a .CSV file format.

  • Quick Marks Report: Updated report to include page numbers for segments that span multiple pages.

  • Failed Import Report: New report available after import to identify (if any) PDFs or other file types that failed to import. This report may be exported to a .CSV file.

  • Set Clip Start/End: Setting the start or end of clips will now save so that an additional save is eliminated.

  • Admitted Items Report: Updated report to include new date/time, party, and witness information.

Note: Testing of performance improvements were done using the following specifications: 17 Processor, 32 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD Primary HD, 2.8 GHZ, Windows 10 Enterprise OS. Laptop.

Case Story Features

  • Deposition Transcripts Report: New Transcript Summary report allows users to select issues, notes, quick marks, designations, and linked exhibits to specific transcripts.

  • Cast Member Report: New Case Member report allows users to select one or more cast members with the option to include selected transcripts, documents, multimedia, clips, and contact information with export to .CSV option.

  • Issue Report: New Issue report allows users to report on selected issues with options to include documents, facts, and transcripts with export to .CSV option.

Review Features

  • Email Notifications: Email notifications will be sent if a user:

    • Cancels or reactivates a subscription

    • TRIAL DIRECTOR Subscription gets upgraded to a Desktop Subscription

    • New modules are added to an existing subscription

  • Prevent Case Invite Emails: Removed email notifications from being sent if a user is added to a case during case migration.

ClosedResolved Issues


  • DESK-8241: Fixed application crash during launch if save stages workbook contains too many items.

  • DESK-8240: Fixed application crash during launch if snapshots workbook contains too many items.

  • DESK-7263: Improved performance of presentation when large amount of trial exhibit numbers exists.

  • DESK-7943: Redactions were exposed when applying a highlight annotation. Modifications were made to have highlight annotations appear behind redactions.

  • DESK-7514: Scroll bar would not stay at the top of the list when moving segment to last clip in explorer. The scroll bar will now work properly.

  • DESK-9546: Redaction failure notice would be received when redacting more than two lines. Fixed to now display redactions correctly.

  • DESK-7258: Fixed an issue if you select a portion of a transcript that spans multiple pages (example 9:25 to 10:2), and select to link an exhibit, you are unable to do so, as the page line references is blank, and you could not continue.

  • DESK-9452: Fixed documents explorer grid to properly refresh after assigning Exhibit Numbers (or Trial Exhibit Numbers) w/ "Increment by Page" Enabled.


  • DESK-9575: In processing, mapping a metadata field to a database field with a different name will change the metadata field name to match the database. The metadata field list will now be consistent and always the same list regardless of which database field mapped to.

  • DESK-7266: Cases that have customized metadata field mappings will not show the source metadata fields in Dashboard’s Processing. This happens for both newly created cases with custom database fields as well as migrated cases (with pre-defined metadata field mappings during a prior ingestion) preventing the user from being able to perform metadata field mapping during Processing. Fixed to retain source metadata field mappings when processing.

  • DESK-8485: Wildcard searches do not highlight in native or extracted text as they do in Eclipse SE. Wildcards should now highlight.

  • DESK-7051: Fixed exception when saving transcript search results.