Integrate with CaseMap


If you use LexisNexis® CaseMap® (version 10 or later) case analysis software, you can easily add documents directly from Review to your CaseMap case in order to streamline information management in CaseMap.

A document in LOCAL DISCOVERY can be sent to CaseMap as a link, an image, or a native file (if one exists).

In addition, data for a selected document is automatically added to CaseMap from fields that can be identified as CaseMap objects—persons, organizations, etc. For example, data in the “Author” field is added as a Person in CaseMap, data in a “Company” field is added as an Organization in CaseMap.

Privileges and Conditions

Your CaseMap case must be defined. Regarding Review's privileges, all users reviewing cases can send documents to CaseMap.

Send Documents to CaseMap

To send a document to CaseMap:

  1. Getting started:

    1. In Review, open the needed case or batch.

    2. In CaseMap, open the needed case.

    3. Organize the LOCAL DISCOVERY and CaseMap windows for easy access to both.

  2. In Review's Case View or a related tab, locate the record of the document to be sent to CaseMap.

  3. Right-click the record, then select Send to CaseMap and the needed option:

    • Link to a document: Selecting the document in CaseMap selects and displays it in LOCAL DISCOVERY.

    • Link to the document image: Selecting the document image file in CaseMap opens it in the CaseMap DocManager.

    • Link to the native file: Selecting the native file in CaseMap opens it in the CaseMap DocManager.

      NOTE: Viewing documents in CaseMap requires that you have a DocManager subscription. You cannot view linked documents in CaseMap by using their native programs (i.e., by clicking the paperclip in CaseMap).

  4. Complete the CaseMap "Source Document is linked to CaseMap" dialog box. Refer to CaseMap documentation for details on the items in this dialog box.

  5. When finished, click OK.

  6. In response to the query message, click Yes to switch to the CaseMap window or No to remain in LOCAL DISCOVERY.

  7. Repeat these steps to send other documents from LOCAL DISCOVERY to CaseMap.