Supported Transcript File Types

The following transcript file types are supported in Case Story.

  • DVT - From DepoView

  • DVT - From DepoView DVD

    Note: The DepoView DVD (*.VOB) format is still supported. However, the VOB files are transcoded to MP4 format upon import into the Transcripts Explorer.

  • ASCII - Text File

  • Amicus - Text File

  • CMS - TRIAL DIRECTOR 6 Transcript Database

  • Note: While TRIAL DIRECTOR 6 CMS files are supported, they are only supported for CMS files that contain a single transcript. CMS files containing more than 1 transcript are not supported in Case Story.

  • MDB - From Sanction

  • XMEF - From TextMap (same as text only)

  • PTF - LiveNote

  • PCF - LiveNote

  • TRN - From Summation

  • XML - Binder XML


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